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Planning applications

Romanby Parish Council is not a Planning Authority, but under the Local Government Act 1972 is able to make observations to the Planning Authority upon applications in its Parish.

The Planning Authority for the Parish of Romanby is North Yorkshire Council

The Parish Council meet monthly, during which responses to Planning Applications are considered. The Parish Council does not have executive powers to accept or reject applications, but our views are considered when the application is determined by the relevant authority. We also contribute views on Local Area and Regional Strategies on subjects such as housing, transport, environment and employment.

How does is work?

Copies of applications are received by the clerk from North Yorkshire Council Planning Office.

In order for the Parish Council to make an informed decision the clerk sends all councillors notification of the application so that they can go on-line and look at the application in detail together with all the site plans, elevations, block plans, design statement etc.

At the next parish council meeting (which is a public meeting), councillors will consider all aspects of the application including its position in relation to the existing and neighbouring buildings, its design, whether it creates a loss of privacy or light to nearby properties, its appearance in the street scene, whether it affects local drainage or parking and the overall needs and requirements of the village. Interested parties will be given time to address the members in relation to their support or objection to a planning application.

The Parish Council is completely objective and any councillor who lives close to an application will refrain from passing comment upon it as they may have either a personal or prejudicial interest in the outcome of that application. Councillors take objections to planning applications very seriously and they are not made without good cause which must be grounded in planning law. Applicants have a basic right to expect that when they submit a planning application that it will be approved unless there is justifiable grounds to refuse it (not the other way round), whether councillors like an application or not is irrelevant.

What the Parish Council can bring to the planning department at North Yorkshire Council is local knowledge which can help the planning officer when determining the application.

Once the Parish Council has decided its response, the clerk sends the Parish Council's submission to the case officer at North Yorkshire  Council. If the Parish Council has objected to an application the case officer is asked to only grant permission if the objections can be overcome.

What happens next?

90% of planning applications are determined by the case officer (who is employed by NYC). There are occasions though if an application is contentious that the case officer might refer the application to committee. This means that the case officer will recommend a decision but the application will be determined by a committee made up of city councillors who meet once a month. They will consider all the representations made by both statutory consultees and local residents and will then vote on whether to grant permission or not.

Further information

The Chairman is happy to discuss any matters in relation to a proposed plan and may be contacted via the members page. You may also contact Planning Officers at NYC, Planning Department.


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Next parish meeting:

9 September 2024, 7:00pm Romanby Parish Office