Romanby Parish Council RSS feed Latest news from Romanby Parish Council en-gb Dementia Friends Awareness Session One of the many projects we are running with at the moment, not least due to the age-demographic of our Parish, is to become a (more) dementia-friendly and aware organisation in all that we do to serve our community in Romanby. Download a Copy of Our Beacon Event Programme Held at the Memorial Garden Tree/Sapling Planting at the Wildflower Meadow & Ainderby Road Leisure Ground Sunday 18 November 2018 - Volunteers Needed! Please save the date and join us if you can between 10am-2pm on Sunday 18 November as we plant 60.....yes 60 new saplings (dogrose, hawthorn, hazel, crab apple, elder) at the Leisure Ground and Wildflower Meadow on Ainderby Road.