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4 December 2018

Management of the Romanby Parish Tree Estate

Hi Everyone,


      As you are (or will be) aware, sadly, we have had our contractor remove 2 large old trees from the Parish Estate this weekend – one at Honeysuckle Close (a sycamore)  and one on Harewood Lane (a beech tree);  both trees had been classified (by professional arboriculture consultants) as DDD (dead, dying or dangerous), and we are required under a legal duty of care and safety remit to take this action to prevent further danger to residents/passers-by/property  in the months and years ahead.


    Earlier this year (between 9-23 April 2018)  we commissioned a full survey of all the trees within the Romanby Parish boundary by a professional Arboricultural Consultant; this survey and report provided a health check of the several hundred trees which we, the Parish Council, are responsible for – it was that report and subsequent second opinions and recommendations from HDC, that has led to the removal of these 2 old trees.  Please be assured that we have followed rules and due process before doing what has been done – we take great pride as your Parish Council in trying to look after Romanby, and we would NEVER do anything in a haphazard or improper way.  The attached picture shows the level of internal decay and rotting in the main trunk made visible this afternoon after it came down.


  Our Parks Committee, working with local residents, has agreed a replacement for both trees in both areas, which will be planted in the Spring next year; these replacement young trees will be well-established (looking at 5m tall trees, with a 30cm/1-foot girth trunk) to provide some instant “impact” as they get established, and hopefully remain for many years.  Some residents have already asked (and some have already paid!) about contributing towards the cost of these new trees, which we think is a great and lovely idea, and we will look to plant/set them, and install a small plaque at the base when we do (much like the one with our “Tommies” in the Memorial Garden).  We will publish details of how residents can get involved with this in due course.


  Trees are so important to us both environmentally and scientifically, but also emotionally, not least due to their longevity – they can easily outlive several generations of us!   I have had several people (especially older residents) recount to me, how they played in the tree (at Harewood Lane) as a youngster, and can remember it being there all their life, so it has been a genuinely sad course of action that we have had to take – but necessary, as these grand old chaps have got towards the end of their life.  Their successors, (going in next year), will hopefully be the talking point and memory-maker for our successors in the years ahead.


Best wishes, Stuart Bradnam, Chairman, Romanby Parish Council.


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